BYOS with Ralph

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This had been a long time coming. Ralph and I had been trying to coordinate this for a few months and since we marched in drum corps together, it wasn't even a question. We wanted to work with each other and make it happen. 

Ralph is becoming a popular clinician and performer within the marching arts so he's quite busy. My schedule is also quite constrained so it was difficult for the both of us to align our schedules. 

Once we made it happen, it was great to be able to collaborate with someone like Ralph who is incredibly creative. It was also just great to see him. We were back to our normal days within seconds.  

Due to his project with Harvey and the BYOS movement, more and more students are drumming! If you haven't seen his other projects go and check them out!


The Process

The process is quite simple... Maybe not as simple to perform but a simple process...

File Jun 26, 9 43 52 PM.jpeg

1. Listen to the track. (Ralph found the track)
2. Come up with the playing on the fly that compliments the music. 
3. Perform it.

Ralph and I put this project together in about 4-5 hours. The time just blew right by and we had to execute the performance in the small window that we had available. It's certainly a process that pushed me and I thank Ralph for that! It was definitely a blast to put together and such a great hang with such a wonderful human being.

Until next time, Ralph!